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I never thought that this was what my life would be. But I deserve it. Every bad decision I made led me to this point. I have always enjoyed a challenge, winning every game I played. But somewhere down the line, this game changed. It started when a friend of mine wanted to film something – anything – to practice his camera skills. I had recently followed that rabbit hole into an unnamed video-viewing site's more odd uploads and had been indulging in mukbang videos. It’s supposed to be about the sound that the food makes, I think some people might find it calming but I found it amazing that these people could eat so much in one sitting. I know that these can be fetish videos but I wanted to try. I love food and my metabolism let’s me savor whatever I want. I thought it could be a fun way to pass my empty time. My friend was in. He got me the food and we found a quiet place in a nearby recording studio. Had to pay extra to bring the food in but he didn’t care. It starte

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